The Art of Gentle Parenting

Learn how to model emotional intelligence for your Kids

It is easy to make the parent's promise, but harder for busy parents to keep. The tools and techniques provided in this course will set you apart as a parent who understands emotional intelligence so that you can build emotionally balanced and resilient children. Children learn more by watching their parent's actions and behaviors than they do by listening to instructions. Through the tools and techniques available in this course, you will be better able to model the behaviors that allow you to keep your promise.

The Benefits

Why work with us

Angela Legh is known around the world as a mentor for parents as well as an author who engages and enlightens children. Angela is an expert on parenting for Gravid Parenting Magazine in India and Europe, a columnist for the Los Angeles Tribune focusing on family issues, and the award-winning author of the Bella Santini Chronicles series.

Check out the benefits of this course! 

Emotional Balance

With the tools you implement by studying this course, you will achieve emotional balance in your life. You will be prepared to teach the tools to your children. 

Familial Harmony

When both the parents and the children are well-equipped to deal with their emotions, there is less reactivity and more harmony for everyone to enjoy.

Ongoing support

Participants who complete the online course get free access to the Parent's Promise Group Mentorship for up to 60 days. 

 By taking this course 

Parents achieve familial harmony and emotional balance

Knowing how to deal with your emotions can transform how you interact with others. Knowing how to teach your children to deal with their emotions means that they can live a well-balanced life and be happy.

What You’ll Get Through The

Art of Gentle Parenting Course

You made the parents promise to unconditionally love your kids. Yet daily life stressors and commitments can shift you off balance and make it hard for you to keep your promise. Through the tools and techniques available in this online course, you learn how to stay emotionally balanced so that you model emotional intelligence to your children. 

  • Learn the rich tapestry of emotions; how unresolved emotions can ruin our lives, subconsciously or consciously. Learn to honor your emotions and allow the energy to flow, so no emotion stays stuck.
  • Learn about thoughts - how to discern if they are yours or someone else's; how to discard thoughts that cause you or others harm; and how to select thoughts that serve you and humanity.
  • Learn that the perspectives you hold may not be your own. Learn to discern between perspectives or filters layered onto you by others, and those that you choose.
  • Learn about mindfulness—the act of being present. Learn how the act of being present eliminates worry and anxiety. How to find the stillm, calm point inside of you, a magical sanctuary available whenever you need it.
  • Learn about the magical power of gratitude; how gratitude opens doors of opportunity and abundance. Learn how an attitude of gratitude shifts your mental thought process. 
  • Learn the importance of self-trust and self-love. Learn to let go of the opinions of others and focus on your inner core of worthiness. Tap into your inner magic by valuing yourself. 

They Say

What They Say

Brought a new perspective to my life

"I have been working with Angela for a while now and find her truly inspirational. At the time, I was going through a time of transition. Her work gave me the tools to allow me to go deeper, gain more clarity, and have a fresh approach to life. Working on my inner child and allowing myself to be more playful has brought a new perspective to my life and a more profound enjoyment of my daily life, as well as bringing me love. I highly recommend this work for anyone seeking change and transformation."

Catherine Hill - solicitor

What they say about Angela's books:

A skillfully written and thoroughly entertaining book by an author with a genuine gift for weaving emotional intelligence into the storyline.

Greg Reid

Bella Santini in the Troll War is told in a way that makes colorful and magical characters designed to teach children and adults alike the power of love, coping with their emotions, developing inner resilience, and overcoming challenges. Engaging and thought-provoking.


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