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Dealing with Anxiety

Free download of a PDF booklet that provides tools and techniques for parents to help soothe their children's anxiety. 

A Toolbox for mastering emotions

Nobody has ever died from facing a painful feeling, but many people have died from the methods they chose to avoid their painful feelings—alcohol, drugs, eating disorders, or suicide. This booklet gives you proven methods for facing your most painful feelings.

Youth Suicide Prevention Guide

Information for parents concerned about the potential for suicide from the CDC, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Agency, and the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychology. 

With Angela Legh

Radical Acceptance of Ourselves, with Jeff Newman

13.05.2022 / 12 pm

The Incredible Cost of Avoiding Feelings, with Michael Unbroken

09.02.2022 / 12 pm

Label Free Podcast, with DeAnna Kuempel

02.10.2021 / 12 pm

The Author and the Artist, with Toni Lontis

04.11.2022 / 12 pm

Chapter 01

In the royal palace of Thessearia, the servants were abuzz. They were tasked with setting up a proper bedroom for the recently recovered Crown Princess Bella, preferably in the wing occupied by the Queen. They hurried to and fro, trying out wallpaper patterns, discarding them, trying out the next ones. They knew little about the newest royal; their task would have been easier if they had some knowledge about her preferences. The lead servant chose several paintings by the Queen to grace the walls, hoping the princess would be pleased with them.

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