Guided Meditations for parents and their children

Peace and Calm


Peace and Calm meditation

Use this short guided meditation to find a sense of calm in your day. Like deep water on a quiet morning, you will sink into your inner calm. 

Being Present


Meditation on being present

The art of being present can be difficult in today's stressful world. Take a few moments to focus on your breathing and notice the magic around you. This guided meditation can help you to return to the present moment.


Activation and Meditation

Curiosity activation

Through this guided meditation, you are given empowering  questions that activate your curiosity while promoting your overall health and wellbeing.

Inner child

Activation and Meditation

Inner Child playfulness activation

Through this guided meditation, you connect with your inner child to go outside to play. Known to increase your sense of childlike wonder and playfulness, this meditation can help you see the world through the eyes of your inner child.

Inner Feelings

 Meditation for adults and children

Inner Feelings meditation

Through this guided meditation, you connect with your inner feelings and learn to focus on feelings that enhance your life. This meditation is about connecting to yourself and can be used for adults and children. This is the meditation written in book three of the Bella Santini Chronicles, based on a guided meditation given by Jim Self of Mastering Alchemy.