You can build emotionally resilient children

You lay the foundation that sets your children up for success in life, based on following the parent's promise. Then, using the wisdom imparted by Angela Legh, you begin to implement tools and techniques learned in this mastermind for emotional strength. 

You want the best for your children . . .

For generations, parents relied on the methods used by their parents to raise kids. Old paradigm methods included physical punishment, "children should be seen and not heard," and encouragement to deny or reject emotions. These parenting methods ended up with many emotionally injured children becoming adults with no safe, reliable way to deal with emotions. But you have the opportunity to do better!

Are you equipped to deal with the issues your children may face?

Are you frustrated and reactive when your kids act out or are overwhelmed?

Have you ever felt that you are getting it wrong, no matter what you do for your kids?

Your child's teen years can be frought with peril.

Don't know where to start?

You never learned how to embrace your emotions, 

You never learned how to shift out of perspectives that don't belong to you, 

You never learned how to deactivate your emotional triggers,

so how do you start teaching that to your kids?

Benefits of this mastermind

Learn how to Shift Perspectives

Every person looks at this world through filters, handed down from parents, teachers, and religious leaders. These filters, or perspectives, did not belong to you; they belonged to the adults around you. You have the choice of what you believe, and you can choose out of self-limiting perspectives and adopt perspectives that serve you.

Learn how to Embrace All Emotions

Emotions are energy, and when we repress or reject a feeling, the energy stops and builds up. Over time, when you repressed your feelings as a child, you built up a mountain of unresolved emotions. By embracing all of your emotions, they are able to flow naturally. Thus, you avoid creating emotional baggage that plagues you.

Learn how to Deactivate Emotional triggers

Your reaction to the events surrounding you carries the energy from unresolved emotions, often from childhood. You will learn techniques to experience your emotions from a neutral state and allow your emotions to flow. You will also learn how to shift out of perspectives handed to you by others. Through this combination of tools, you can deactivate your emotional triggers.

Learn How to Release Victim Energy

Whenever you point your finger in blame at another person, you are giving away your power over the situation. When you use the tools and techniques provided by this mastermind, you are able to take responsibility for your reactiveness to the situation. In taking responsibility, you have empowered yourself to rise above blame. You are now able to release the victim energy.

What's Included in the mastermind

Angelic Wisdom

Angela Legh channels wisdom from the angelic realm focused on energetic techniques that bring desired results! Each mastermind meeting will include time for this wisdom to be imparted concerning the issues brought forth by group members.

Peer wisdom from other parents

It takes a village; in today's world, parents are isolated from other parents. Sure, you see other parents when picking up your kids or at sporting events, but there is no time for in-depth communication about the issues facing your kids. This group gives you the opportunity to share your parenting wisdom.

Ongoing support, month after month

Because this mastermind meets every two weeks for six months, you have the ongoing support of Angela Legh and her angelic guides to help you navigate the sometimes tenuous landscape of parenting.

Hi, I'm Angela Legh

Angela Legh is best known as the author of her children’s fantasy book series, The Bella Santini Chronicles, which gives children and their parents tools and techniques for emotional balance. For over 50 years, Angela experienced abuse, bullying, and belittlement, and through that exposure, she developed methods of emotional management. Angela has been featured in USA Today and the Los Angeles Tribune newspaper and magazine, along with countless other media exposures. Angela is an international bestselling author with eight published books.

Angela has shared the stage with Les Brown, Dr. John DeMartini, Bernardo Moya, Michael Beckwith, Joe Vitale, Alison Larsen, Moe Rock, David Fagan, and many others. Angela has done everything from speaking to C-suite level entrepreneurs about emotional intelligence to creating engaging children’s videos. When Angela isn’t writing children’s stories, she can be found hiking in the beautiful wilderness of Taos, New Mexico.

Angela Legh

Build Emotionally Resilient Kids starting today! 


my child is only seven years old, and I have no problems with him, why should I join?

If you wait until your child is faced with adversity, it may be too late for you to teach them the tools and technicques for emotional management. By joining this mastermind and implementing the tools and techniques when they are still young, you set the groundwork for your child to thrive.

In 2022, the top issues teens faced included drugs, alcohol, sex, self-harming behaviors, suicide, academic stress, anxiety. Are you prepared to help your child through these issues alone?

My little girl is filled with anxiety. WILL this group help?

Anxiety is a deep fear of what may happen. Through participation in this group, you will learn the power of being present, and how that shifts anxiety. You will also learn how to embrace all emotions, and how to experience those emotions from a space of neutrality. These tools will help you to help your child.

My son acts out in anger - what is the purpose of having him embrace his anger?

Anger is a natural emotion, but if a child becomes entangled in that emotion, they have little control over their behavior. Teaching your child how to embrace anger from a space of emotional neutrality and how to deactivate emotional triggers helps them to manage their reactions to their environment.

What outcomes can I expect after participating in this mastermind for six months?

You will be able to respond, rather than react, to the adverse events in your life. You will be able to select the perspective that best serves you in difficult situations. You will be equipped with tools and techniques to help your child thrive through their teen years.


Six month Parent's Promise mastermind package price


Learn to manage your emotional reactivity and how to teach the tools to your children

Access channelled angelic wisdom in answer to your parenting questions

Have the support of other parents interested in raising emotionally resilient children

What Are You Waiting For? 

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