Work with me to build Emotional Resilience in your kids!

While there are always benefits to working in group sessions, sometimes you need personalized services. It doesn't matter why you prefer private one-on-one sessions; we are here to help!

It's time to learn new ways . . .

For generations, parents relied on the methods used by their parents to raise kids. Old paradigm methods included physical punishment, "children should be seen and not heard," and encouragement to deny or reject our emotions. These parenting methods ended up with many emotionally injured children becoming adults with no safe, reliable way to deal with emotions.

What is coming

The PEW Reseach center listed teens' top seven issues in 2022; drugs, alcohol, sex, self-harming, suicide, academic stress, anxiety, and worry. We know most weren't taught emotional intelligence in school. Are you prepared to help your child overcome this type of adversity?

You can set your child up to thrive

A parent who embraces and understands emotional intelligence can better model behavior for their children. The tools and techniques you will learn can be transferred to your children, so they are now set up to be emotionally resilient!


I'm Angela Legh!

I help parents to build emotional resilience in themselves and their kids. When reflecting on your life experiences, you may notice that no one taught you how to deal with your emotions. We default to the methods our parents used to avoid feelings. 

I am best known as the author of my children’s fantasy book series, The Bella Santini Chronicles, which gives children and their parents tools and techniques for emotional balance. For over 50 years, I experienced abuse, bullying, and belittlement, and through that exposure, I developed methods of emotional management. I have been featured in USA Today, the Los Angeles Tribune newspaper and magazine, and countless other media exposure. I am an award-winning international bestselling author with eight published books.

What we offer


Your reaction to the events surrounding you carries energy from unresolved emotions, often from childhood. You will learn techniques to experience your emotions from a neutral state, as well as to allow your emotions to flow. You will also learn how to shift out of perspectives handed to you by others. Through this combination of tools, you can deactivate your emotional triggers.


Emotions are energy, and when we repress or reject a feeling, the energy stops and builds up. Over time, when you repressed your feelings as a child, you built up a mountain of unresolved emotions. By embracing all of your emotions, they are able to flow naturally. So, you don't have to worry about creating emotional baggage that plagues you.


Every person looks at this world through filters handed down by parents, teachers, and religious leaders. These filters, or perspectives, did not belong to you; they belonged to the adults around you. You have the choice of what you believe, and you can choose out of self-limiting perspectives and adopt perspectives that serve you.


Whenever you point your finger in blame at another person, you are giving away your power over the situation. When you use the tools and techniques provided by this mastermind, you are able to take responsibility for your reactiveness to the situation. In taking responsibility, you have empowered yourself to rise above blame. You are now able to release the victim energy.


Cultivating presence is a way to decrease worry and anxiety. Both worry and anxiety are future-based fear energy. When we bring our minds back to the present, we understand that nothing is harming us in this present moment.

Cultivating gratitude helps to shift your perspective as well as your focus. You get what you focus on, so focusing on the things you are grateful for causes that to increase! 

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Why work with Angela Legh?

Angela Legh has built a reputation as a calm and caring advocate for parents and their children. The children's books written by Angela have received high praise for helping people to understand emotional intelligence and why it is so important in everyone's life. Beyond having significant life experience in overcoming emotional trauma, Angela is a channel for angelic wisdom through her writing and speaking. 

What can I expect when working with Angela Legh?

When working with Angela Legh, you can expect a non-judgemental and empathic understanding of the issues you and your child are facing. Angela Legh will walk you through the tools and techniques that will help shift your emotions into balance. You can expect to feel calmer, more joyful, and have more balance in your life.

What can my children expect when I work with Angela Legh?

Your children will find you are more willing to listen to them without judgment. They will find you show them how to behave through modeling emotional intelligence, rather than lecture them about their behavior. 

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